Cork, Irlanda, 17 y 18 de julio de 2015. Este congreso de verano cuenta con el apoyo de The Society for Women In Philosophy Ireland (SWIP-I) y del Philosophy Department at University College Cork. Pretende servir de base a aquellos investigadores que traten el asunto de lo femenino en la estética, así como el pensamiento o la obra de artistas o pensadoras. Envío de resúmenes hasta el 20 de abril de 2015.


María Cañas, Kiss The Fire | La virtud demacrada

María Cañas, Kiss The Fire | La virtud demacrada

Aesthetics and the Feminine Conference

July 17 – 18, 2015, University College Cork.

[A]gainst the dispersed, contingent and multiple existences of actual women, mythical thought opposes the Eternal Feminine, unique and changeless. If the definition provided for this concept is contradicted by the behaviour of flesh and blood women, it is the latter who are wrong: we are told Femininity is not a false entity, but that the women concerned are not feminine.”

Simone de Beauvoir, The Second Sex

Confirmed Keynote Speakers/

Stacie Friend (Birkbeck College)
Áine Mahon (University College Dublin)
E. L. Putnam (Performance Artist, Dublin)

Conference Organisers/

Mary Edwards (University College Cork)
Áine Mahon (University College Dublin)

Design by Emily Putnam

The ‘Aesthetics and the Feminine’ Summer conference is supported by The Society for Women In Philosophy Ireland (SWIP-I) and the Philosophy Department at University College Cork and aims to provide a supportive, engaging environment for all researchers working on the topic of the feminine in aesthetics, or the thought/work of female aestheticians/artists.

Possible topics may include, but are by no means limited to/

· Studies on the work of female artist(s)
· Relevant topics in aesthetics generally and especially the work of female aesthetician(s)
· Representations of women in the visual arts
· Critical analyses of “feminine” characters in literature/film
· Analysis/Application of feminist criticism
· Analysis/Application of feminist psychoanalytic criticism
· The role of art in the creation and perpetuation of Myth of Woman
· “Feminine” beauty
· “Feminine” art
· Androgyny in art/literature/film
· Representations of female sexuality in art/literature/film
· Interpretations of the “feminine” in art as empowering/degrading
· Feminist art/literature/film
· “Masculine” or un-“feminine” females in art/literature/film
· Tragic heroines
· “Feminine” Vs “Masculine” Art
· Écriture féminine
· The femme fatale
· “Chick-flicks” and “chick-lit”: art for females?

Submissions/ Abstracts of 200 words for 20-minute presentations
(allowing for 10 minutes Q&A afterward), in Word document format should be prepared for blind review (together with a separate cover sheet detailing institutional information etc.) and emailed to:

We welcome proposals from a broad range of disciplines including philosophy, comparative literature, art history, gender studies, cultural studies, the social sciences and other relevant disciplines. Interdisciplinary studies are encouraged as well as proposals for co-presentations and panels. We also invite artists, working on relevant themes/subjects, to discuss and present their work at this event.

Submission deadline/ April 20, 2015