Oxford, del 14 al 17 de abril de 2015. Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, UK. Organizado por la Faculty of Music (University of Oxford) y el International Centre for Music Studies (University of Newcastle’s).

Fotografía: Fernando Infante. Musikinstrumenten Museum, Berlín

There have been rapid multidisciplinary advances in scholarly understanding of musical experience over the last fifteen years or so. It is increasingly accepted that musical experiences are multi-faceted, fluctuating, and dynamic; complex composites of cognitive, perceptual, embodied and affective components. One response to the acknowledged phenomenological complexity of musical engagement has been a growing interest in the relationship between music and consciousness.

Following on from the success of the first International Conference on Music and Consciousness (Sheffield, 2006), and the edited volume Music and Consciousness to which this led, this second conference is again intended as a forum for the exchange of perspectives from a broad range of disciplines, including but not restricted to:  neuroscience, psychology, phenomenology, philosophy, sociology, musicology, performance studies, ethnomusicology, music therapy, evolutionary psychology, cognitive archaeology, and cultural history.

The conference will consist entirely of plenary sessions, enabling wide-ranging participation, with significant time set aside for discussion. It will include keynote presentations, papers and short communications.

Call for Papers

The conference committee welcomes submissions addressing a broad range of themes, including but not limited to the following:

Music and Unconsciousness
Neural substrates of musical consciousness
Consciousness and musical performance
Music and trance, flow, absorption, dissociation, and altered states of consciousness (ASC).
Theorising musical consciousness – across disciplines, across cultures, across history
Consciousness and musical creativity
Modes of musical consciousness, modes of musical subjectivity
Music and consciousness: beyond empiricism
Music and collective consciousness

Proposals of 300 words are invited for papers of 30 minutes (20 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion); and of 200 words for short communications (10 minutes plus 10 minutes discussion). Proposals must be sent as a Word attachment to, should clearly indicate whether they are for a paper or short communication, and must include the following: title, author(s), affiliation(s), email address for contact. The deadline for proposals is 31st July 2014. Decisions on proposals will be communicated in early September.

Proposals will be accepted on the basis of their relevance to the conference themes, significance, originality and rigour.

Proposals will be accepted on the basis of their relevance to the conference themes, significance, originality and rigour.

David Clarke (Newcastle)

Eric Clarke (Oxford)

Ruth Herbert (Oxford)

MusCon 2 Conference Committee