ESPES. The Slovak Journal of Aesthetics quiere resaltar cómo las tradiciones filosóficas europeas pueden contribuir a un mayor desarrollo de la Everyday Aesthetics, constituyendo así un punto de inflexión e innovación con respecto al debate angloamericano. Fecha límite: 15 de julio de 2021.

Everyday Aesthetics is a trend of philosophical aesthetics that has been strongly developed in the early years of the 21 st century. Firstly, Everyday Aesthetics has been concerned with defining the everyday and its fields by renowned authors like Yuriko Saito (2007; 2017), Thomas Leddy (2012), Kevin Melchionne (2013; 2014), Katya Mandoki (2007; 2020) and Ossi Naukkarinen (2013; 2014; 2017). Later on, it has extended to different topics (environment, city, design) and perspectives, intertwining Anglo-American and European approaches (Arto Haapala, 2005; 2017; Giovanni Matteucci, 2015, Elisabetta Di Stefano, 2017; 2020, Dan-Eugen Ratiu, 2013; 2017, and Barbara Formis 2010).

The thematic issue seeks to highlight a turning point in the further articulation of Everyday Aesthetics, making explicit the distinct European traditions (phenomenology, semiology, marxism, hermeneutics, and so forth). For this reason, we invite authors to discuss whether and how the European thinking or Europe-originated perspectives on everyday life can be elaborated to develop the debate on Everyday Aesthetics, showing new methodologies, categories, and fields, taking into account analytical, comparative and historical approaches.

The editors of this thematic issue recognize and respect the multilingual tradition in philosophical and applied Everyday Aesthetics. For this occasion, however, we are calling forth contributions in English to engage with the discussion that takes place globally. Submissions may focus on all aspects of Everyday Aesthetics, including, but not limited to the following areas:

• Methodological questions
• Everyday aesthetic categories
• Comparative approaches to Everyday Aesthetics
• Everyday Aesthetics and design/fashion/food/city/environment
• Future of Everyday Aesthetics


Types of Contributions

Research articles are original contributions that initiate a debate, offer a point of view on current trends in aesthetics and the philosophy of art, or introduce a scholarly discussion.Contributions to the Research articles section should not normally exceed 7,500 words (including bibliography). An abstract in English should be added of no more than 150 words.

Interviews offer a portrait of the life and work of leading figures in contemporary Everyday Aesthetic debates. Contributions to the Interviews section should not exceed 3500 words and the proposal must be formerly discussed with the editors before submission.

Translations include seminal essays in different languages newly translated into English. The translated essays are selected based on their relevance for the development of current discourses in Everyday Aesthetics. Contributions to the Translations section should not normally exceed 7,500 words and must be formerly discussed with the editors.

Stylistic Guidelines/

Language of Contribution/ English.

The complete formatting instructions are available at: Submissions that do not comply with these instructions will be returned to the author. All submissions will undergo a double-blind review process.

Timeline Submission deadline/ July 15, 2021

Publication date/ December 2021

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Guest Editors/

Elisabetta Di Stefano University of Palermo

Sanna Lehtinen Aalto University

Host Editor/

Adrian Kvokacka University of Prešov