Delfos (Grecia), pospuesto a septiembre de 2021. La octava edición del Congreso Mediterráneo de Estética se centra en la estética de la vida cotidiana, como un campo de estudio que se ocupa de la interacción del sujeto activo con el entorno político-social de las ciudades contemporáneas. Envío de propuestas cerrado el 15 de diciembre de 2019.

8th Mediterranean Congress of Aesthetics
Interim Conference of the International Association for Aesthetics

Pospuesto a 2021.

Aesthetics of the Everyday Life in Contemporary Cities

Aesthetics as a philosophical discipline is confronted today with the challenge of responding to complex phenomena of contemporary daily life. The 8th Mediterranean Congress of Aesthetics focuses on the aesthetics of everyday life, as a field of study that is concerned with the interplay of the active subject with the social-political milieu of contemporary cities. In this respect, it aims to the pursuit of aspects and attitudes of aesthetic appreciation, that emerge through a live interaction and intermingling of the human subject with the urban environment, in the public and the private domain. They are probably in contrast or/and in fertile dialogue with aesthetic sensation and evaluation criteria, that develop institutionally through educational and cultural systems, political decisions, etc. Moreover, factors such as digital technology and the immediacy of communication affect and elaborate diverse aesthetic considerations, so far as they play a decisive role in a contemporary investigation of the aesthetic aspect of everyday life.
The congress aims to a creative debate between philosophers, aestheticians, art theorists and theorists of architecture, as well as artists, architects, urban and landscape designers, theorists and researchers of culture and the media, who are interested in formulating a critical contemplation, in relation to the aesthetics of everyday life in contemporary cities.

Papers should focus on the following topics/

1. Aesthetics, space and cultural differences in domestic life
2. The intercultural in art and architecture
3. Aesthetics, art and architecture in daily activities
4. Life as art and art as life
5. Somaesthetics

1. Local/Global aspects of contemporary cities
2. The aesthetics of the uncanny in public life
3. Technology, art and architecture in the contemporary city
4. The aesthetics of neighborhoods
5. Aesthetics and social conflicts
6. The aesthetics of landscape urbanism

1. Aesthetics and nature
2. Environmental problems as aesthetic problems
3. Memory and cultural environment in a creative interaction
4. The aesthetics of disaster

1. Digital media and cultural identities
2. Media and the aesthetic of the city
3. Changes in artistic practices and aesthetic experience in the digital world
4. The aesthetics of violence and the media

The call is open for submissions of 15-minute presentations in the areas of philosophy, aesthetics, art history, architecture theory and criticism, art criticism, visual arts studies, cinema studies, musicology and other fields of contemporary artistic practice. Proposals should be submitted by 15th December 2019 in the form of an abstract (max 300 words) accompanied by a brief author biography (max 50 words), in the form of a Word doc. file, in Greek or English, to be sent to the Organizing Committee of the Conference, e-mail:

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 15 December 2019
Notification of accepted abstract: 15 February 2020

EARLY BIRD €150 (until 15 May 2020), students €100
LATE €200 (from 16 May until the day of the conference), students €150
* The fee includes transfer by coach from Athens to Delphi (Delphi cultural center) and return, conference materials and publication of conference documents in digital format (with ISBN).