Adelaide, July 3rd- 6th, 2017 (University of Adelaide & Art Gallery of SA). Este taller analiza la manera en que las metáforas, los tropos y las imágenes configuran la experiencia y sirven de guía para la acción. Se aceptan propuestas hasta el 30 de noviembre de 2016.


Obras de Etienne Zack.

Workshop: The Arts and Imagination: the role of metaphors, tropes and images in shaping experience and guiding action.

Organised by the ArtSense Taste and Community project (Australian Research Council funded project):
Submission Deadline: 30th November 2016

This workshop is also sponsored by the American Society for Aesthetics (ASA); and most sessions will run as a stream within the annual conference of the Australasian Association of Philosophy:

The papers will address topics which bear upon the way cultural artifacts acquire meaning and value as an example of the process by which communities establish shared terms of reference.

etiennezack03The organisers invite proposals for presentations of 35 mins (+ 20 mins Q&A). There are 3-4 slots available. The proposal should be sent as a full length paper (reading time 35 mins) suitable for anonymous review. A travel grant of up to $2000 will be awarded to the best paper by a graduate student or untenured faculty who does not otherwise have access to travel funds for this meeting. This grant is only available to an ASA member.

Proposals should be sent to by 30th November 2016.
It is an assumption of our approach that bringing philosophers together from different areas and traditions within philosophy, has immense potential for furthering understanding of the problems we seek to address within philosophy; and philosophy’s relevance to the community more broadly.

Invited Speakers

Elizabeth Coleman (Monash)

Sean Cordeiro (visual artist)

Cynthia Freeland (Houston)

Moira Gatens (Sydney – TBC)

Paul Guyer (Brown) AAP keynote

Claire Healy (visual artist)

David Macarthur (Sydney)

Mohan Matthen (Toronto)

Jenny McMahon (Adelaide)

James Phillips (UNSW)

Nancy Sherman (Georgetown) AAP keynote on related theme

Robert Sinnerbrink (Macquarie)

Daniel von Sturmer (Monash Fine Arts)

sc_a_ez_satisfactory_bThis workshop is the second held in connection with the Australian Research Council funded Art Sense Taste and Community project. The project is directed by Jenny McMahon, and the other researchers are Sean Cordeiro, Cynthia Freeland, Paul Guyer, Claire Healy, Mohan Matthen,Robert Sinnerbrink,and Danielvon Sturmer. The project aims to develop a framework for understanding the perception of meaning and value as a response to cultural artifacts. For more information visit: