Helsinki (Finlandia), del 5 al 7 de junio de 2014. Esta edición plantea reflexionar sobre la noción de experiencia estética y sobre los límites de la estética misma como disciplina tras el renacimiento de la pragmática en los últimos años.


The Annual Conference of the Nordic Society of Aesthetics

Helsinki, The House of Sciences (Kirkkokatu 6), 5 – 7 June, 2014

Organizing committee: Arto Haapala, Max Ryynänen, Veera Launis

Invited speakers: Matthew Kieran (Philosophy, University of Leeds, UK), Renée van de Vall (Arts and Media, Maastricht University, The Netherlands), Madalina Diaconu (Philosophy, University of Vienna)

The Nordic Society of Aesthetics invites submissions for the Annual Conference of the Society taking place in Helsinki, 5-7 June, 2014. The submissions should be abstracts of about 300 words, and send to the secretary of the Finnish Society of Aesthetics, Ms. Veera Launis ( by January 31, 2014. We will inform all those submitted an abstract by the end of February 2014.

The notion of aesthetic experience was for long almost obsolete in academic aesthetics, but in recent years it has seen a revival, partly due to the interest that pragmatist aesthetics has gained. The same goes for the very notion of the aesthetic itself. Often the term is taken for granted although it is far from obvious what should be included under the ‘aesthetic’. This all has consequences to the discipline of aesthetics: what is the scope and range of philosophical aesthetics?

One area of culture has been very much in the forefront when talking about aesthetics – art in its various manifestations. Philosophers have been interested in conceptual problems that the phenomenon of art itself, different forms of art, or particular works of art raise. But what is the role and relevance of the aesthetic in the concept of art? There has been a lot of talk about the aestheticization of contemporary culture, but has this meant a de-aestheticization of contemporary art? Is popular culture today more aesthetic than art? And what about aesthetic experience – has it lost its significance or has it become more important in our aestheticized culture?

These are the kind of questions we want to be explored in the conference, but also other topics related to the arts and the aesthetic culture more generally are welcome.

The conference fee is €50 including the membership of the Nordic Society of Aesthetics. To get more information about the Nordic Society of Aesthetics and former conferences the society has organized, visit the web page: