Laocoonte is the journal of the Spanish Society for Aesthetics and Art Theory (Sociedad Española de Estética y Teoría de las Artes, SEyTA). Laocoonte invites paper submissions on the philosophy of design for its monographic section of volume 6, 2019. Submission deadline June 1st, 2019.

Laocoonte 6

‘Philosophy of design’

Celebrating the Centenary of Bauhaus

Since its inception, our magazine not ceased to grow both in the appreciation of readers and in the trust of authors who submit their work to the arbitration of our evaluators. There are so many submissions that reach us throughout the year that the only way to guarantee efficiency for those involved in Laocoonte is to cancel, from number 6 on, the section ‘Miscellaneous’ and focus only on the management of the monographs of the ‘Panorama’ section, expanding the duration of its Call for Papers.

Descriptor /

Design is one of the most obvious aesthetic realities. It intervenes in the conformation of our environment and defines the way in which we develop in the field of the customary. Design is associated with all the experiences in which we require the mediation of a sign, an object or a process. To design is to give shape, function and meaning to space, light, message, objects, procedures, that is why we talk about design in architecture, graphic communication, product, etc. But this evidence has not yet brought about an authentic awareness of design, not at least at the level of its presence. This may be because design is a relatively recent practice and profession, not yet symbolically separated from crafts or art in the eyes of the majority. Moreover, its association with the industrial or technological modes of production does not facilitate its perception as a characteristic field.

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus and Laocoonte wants to draw on this event to give voice to the reflections and research on design. At present, Bauhaus is a term that designates much more than a significant milestone in the history of design and artistic pedagogy, it marks the moment of the first great reflective awareness of this way of doing and of what we call today project culture.

Topics include but not limited to/

  1. Design theory.
  2. Design specificity.
  3. Values ​​and concepts of the design.
  4. The design in the aesthetic thought.
  5. Project culture.
  6. Aesthetics, function, use.
  7. Design, art, crafts.
  8. Design and Avant-garde.
  9. The Bauhaus today.
  10. Design in the written history of art.
  11. Art and textile design. Feminist revisionism.
  12. Architecture.
  13. Industrial and graphic design.
  14. Aesthetics, design, industry.
  15. Design and mass culture.


Submission deadline/ June 1st, 2019.

Papers may be written in Spanish, English, or Portuguese.

Please render your text completely anonymous, allowing for double-blind review.

The expected publication date of volume 6 of Laocoonte is December 14, 2019.


Papers must be submitted through the OJS platform of the journal:


For further information please contact Fernando Infante or María Jesús Godoy, coordinators of the Panorama section on the philosophy of design.


For further information/

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