La European Society for Aesthetics (ESA) ha publicado el volumen 12 de sus Proceedings, una edición que recoge una vez más diferentes enfoques y perspectivas de la investigación estética en Europa.

Edited by Vítor Moura and Connell Vaughan

Table of Contents

Complete Volume

Marta Benenti and Lisa Giombini The Aesthetic Paradox of Tourism 1-31
Monika Favara-Kurkowski A Reflection on the Criteria for Identifying Design 31-48
Lilli Förster Against the High Culture – On Leo Tolstoy’s Aesthetics 49-65
Charles Lebeau-Henry Nietzsche’ Artistic Ideal in Human, All Too Human and the Case of Music 66-83
João Lemos Moral Aspects’ Aesthetic Relevance 84-99
Ancuta Mortu The Repertoire as Aesthetic Category 100-121
Salvador Rubio Marco Aesthetic Values, Engaging Perspectives, and Possibilities 122-152
Ken Wilder Beyond ‘Visual’ Art: Non-Sighted Modes of Beholding   Contemporary Art 153-188