El objetivo de  Aesthetic Investigations es desarrollar debates contemporáneos en el ámbito de la estética filosófica e iniciar otros nuevos desde cualquier ángulo. El primer número refleja la riqueza y complejidad de los asuntos estéticos, desde los más genéricos —autonomía, percepción, emoción, auto-referencia, etc.— a aquellos puntuales surgidos de la práctica artística y las nuevas experiencias estéticas.



The aim of Aesthetic Investigations is to develop contemporary debates in philosophical aesthetics, and initiate new ones—and to do this from any available angle. We are open to any contributions, but to generate new discussions we also issue specific calls.

Please check AI calls for Articles, Fresh papers, comments on Art & Artists, and reviews.

Vol 1, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

From the Editor/

Aesthetics as First Philosophy PDF
Rob van Gerwen i-ii



The Atrocity of Representing Atrocity – Watching Kevin Carter’s ‘Struggling Girl’ PDF
Merlijn Geurts 1-13


Ex Ante Allusions PDF
Jason Holt 14-22


The Aesthetic Experience of the Literary Artwork: A Matter of Form and Content? PDF
Leen Verheyen 23-32


In Defense of Genreblending PDF
Sarah Worth, Sean McBratnie 33-48


The Realistic Angel: Realism as Hypothetical Verity PDF
Christopher C Buckman 49-58


On the category of ‘the aesthetic’ PDF
Graham James McFee 59-72


Persistent Autonomy and Romanticism PDF
Maarten Doorman 73-86


Form and History: Hegel’s Philosophy of Art Today PDF
Daniel Martin Feige 87-101


Arts & Artists/

Double Life. Illusion – Disillusion PDF
Nelle Boer 102-112


The uncanny garden. Jardin-forêt at Bibliothèque nationale de France PDF
Mateusz Salwa 113-119


The Materiality of Water PDF
Mark Harris 120-128


DESKTOP graffiti PDF
Thibaut Verhoeven 129-134


Blindness and Visual Impairment at an Art Academy PDF
Volkmar Mühleis 134-144



‘Vengeance is Mine.’ Heroes from the Movie-Powerhouse of Emotions. PDF
Josef Früchtl 145-155


Aesthetics is the Grammar of Desire PDF
Jenny McMahon 156-164


Beauty – A Brief Conceptual Journey PDF
Martin Seel 165-173


Using Philosophy of Perception in Aesthetics PDF
Bence Nanay 174-180


Aesthetics is the Philosophy of Our Wordless World PDF
Sue Spaid 181-190


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