Sussex (Reino Unido), 25 de mayo de 2015. Este congreso se propone analizar en qué medida los planteamientos del Idealismo Alemán ayudan a plantear preguntas fundamentales acerca de la naturaleza de la normatividad, algo que ha demostrado ser un territorio fértil en el trabajo reciente de Christine Korsgaard y Robert Brandom.

Normativity and German Idealism: Contemporary Perspectives

25th May 2015
Department of Philosophy University of Sussex


The aim of the conference is to examine whether resources drawn from the German Idealist tradition help address important questions about the nature of normativity. As recent work by Christine Korsgaard and Robert Brandom shows this is a fertile territory.

We construe the topic of normativity broadly to include epistemology and theories of meaning, moral and political philosophy, aesthetics, and theories of practical reasoning and action.

We would especially welcome submissions addressing anything from the following non-exhaustive list topics:

• how we justify to ourselves and to others what is good to do or to believe
• what are norms and what are reasons
• modalities of normativity
• how reasons guide beliefs, actions, values
• reasons and Reason
• how does it mean to think of oneself as a rational being
• normativity and freedom

Please send a 500-700 word anonymised abstract with author details on a separate attachment to
Deadline for receipt of abstracts: 13 February 2015


The organisers wish to thank the Hegel Society of Great Britain and the UK Kant Society for their generous support. Without them this event would not have been possible.

Attendance to the conference is free of charge but registration is required- to register please email
putting ‘registration’ in the subject field and your name in the body of the message.

Informal inquiries: Katerina Deligiorgi (Sussex)
Organising committee: Sorin Baiasu (Keele and Vienna), Katerina Deligiorgi (Sussex), Manuel Dries (Open University), Andrew Huddleston (London), Edward Kanterian (Kent), Joseph Schear (Oxford)

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