Evental Aesthetics es una revista con revisión de ‘pares ciegos’ dedicada a las intersecciones filosóficas y estéticas. Cada número cuenta con dos partes, una dedicada a un tema específico, y otra Investigaciones Estéticas«) dedicada a cuestiones estéticas de culaquier tipo. La edición de otoño tiene como tema específico ‘Evolution and Aesthetics’ (Deadline 31 July, 2015); la de invierno, ‘Posthumanism’ (Deadline 31 October, 2015).


Deadlines in July and OEAheadertitle2ctober, 2015.
Evental Aesthetics is an independent, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to philosophical and aesthetic intersections.  The Editors are pleased to invite submissions for two issues in 2015.  The journal is open-access, however there are no publication fees.Each issue will have two parts, one dedicated to a specific theme, and the other («Aesthetic Inquiries») devoted to aesthetic questions of any kind.  Thus for each issue, the Editors seek submissions in two categories.
1. Aesthetic Inquiries:  This section will be devoted to philosophical matters pertaining to any aesthetic practice or experience, including but not limited to art and everyday aesthetics.  All issues will contain this category.  For consideration for the Fall issue, please submit by 31 July, 2015.  For consideration for the Winter issue, please submit by 31 October, 2015.
2. Evolution and Aesthetics (Deadline 31 July, 2015):  Suggested topics:* The question of art as an evolved behavior of the human species.  How is the evolution of aesthetic practice connected to the evolution of the species?  Are there connections between aesthetic theories and theories of evolution?
* Critical readings of evolution and progress as narratives of aesthetic histories and cultures.
* Aesthetic tastes and practices in other species.
* Creative and aesthetic processes inherent to processes of evolution and change.
* Aesthetic matters pertinent to studies of the «origins» of life, including astrobiology, cellular biology.
* The aesthetics of the science, the writings, and the images involved in creating and disseminating the theory of evolution.
* Aesthetic matters in Henri Bergson’s Creative Evolution and related texts.
* Close readings of Charles Darwin and related authors, with an eye towards the aesthetics of their work.
* Close readings of the work of Stephen Davies, Denis Dutton and others on evolution and aesthetics.3. Posthumanism (Deadline 31 October, 2015):  Suggested topics:* Aesthetics and extensions of the human self via virtual reality, biotechnology, or other means.
* Aesthetics and the impacts of the Anthropocene.
* Nonhuman creativity.
* Aesthetic critiques of the concept of posthumanism.
* Analyses of aesthetic projects and practices that may qualify as «posthuman.»
* What a posthumanist aesthetic theory might look like, if such theories are possible.
* Close readings of N. Katherine Hayles’ How We Became Posthuman and related works, focusing on the roles of aesthetic practices, experiences, and concepts therein.We welcome articles (4,000-10,000 words) and Collisions (1,000-2,500 words).  Collisions are brief responses to aesthetic experiences that raise philosophical questions, pointing the way towards suggestive discussions.  All topics may be freely interpreted, however all submissions must address philosophical matters.

New: book reviews
We’re also accepting proposals for Collisions that engage academic books (EA’s version of book reviews).  Click here (http://eventalaesthetics.net/for-authors/) for submission instructions.

Submission and formatting requirements, along with further information on Collisions, are available at http://eventalaesthetics.net/for-authors/.  Submissions that do not meet our requirements will not be considered.  With questions not addressed by the EA website, please contact the Editors (eventalaesthetics – at – gmail – dot – com).