Issue 10 of Laocoonte. Revista de Estética y Teoría de las Artes aims to offer a space for reflecting on the relationship between translation and Aesthetics. Deadline for submission: July 15, 2023.

Language, a mediating instance in the construction of meaning, intervenes in the expression of perception and also contributes to endowing beauty with meaning. The need for language as an instinct and a human capacity makes its relevance clear, while at the same time providing opportunities for encounters and misunderstandings. To translate is to transfer meanings and experiences between two points, as well as to confront our own perceptions and constructs with those of others. The convergence of aesthetic phenomena of perception and its expression together with the versatility of Translation Studies – nourished by diverse approaches and disciplines – create an operative framework that provides Aesthetics with new perspectives of analysis.

The dynamics of the aesthetic have developed around the axis of subjectivism and objectivism. Translating the poles present in this axis to the field of translation, we could identify the objective with the faithful and the subjective with the free. The faithful, in connection with a preponderance of the culture of origin, and the free, related to the predominance of the target culture. Thus, the presence of the translator’s voice, the choice of terms or style, the transmission of emotion, the transposition of paraverbal elements into the text and vice versa, cultural equivalences, etc. would be situated with varying intensities on this axis. The question of the various aesthetics could be approached along the three lines described by Roman Jakobson: intralinguistic, interlinguistic (and intercultural) and intersemiotic translation with the multidisciplinary approach that characterises it: linguistic, textual, social, economic or political, among others.

Issue 10 of Laocoonte. Revista de Estética y Teoría de las Artes aims to offer a space for reflecting on the relationship between aesthetics and translation. Contributions related to the following thematic areas are welcome/

  • Translation theory and Aesthetics.
  • Translation, technology and Aesthetics.
  • Intralinguistic translation and neolanguage: Aesthetics, politics and censorship.
  • Interlinguistic translation and intercultural translation.
  • Aesthetics of literary translation.
  • Audiovisual translation.
  • Localisation and transcreation: transferring emotion to the target culture (codes, conventions, referents).
  • Aesthetics in oral interpreting (oral translation).
  • Aesthetics in intersemiotic translation.
  • Translation, Aesthetics and mass culture.
  • Aesthetics, loss and transfer of meaning.
  • Sociology of translation: presence of one culture in another, promotion of tastes, philias and phobias.
  • Hermeneutics/interpretation of art.
  • Intermediality and transmediality of art. Difficulties and opportunities for translating the aesthetic experience.

Issue coordinators/ Patricia Rojo Lemos (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

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Deadline for submission: July 15, 2023.

The estimated publication date for volume 10 is 14th December 2023.