Belgrado (Serbia), del 22 al 26 de julio de 2019. La Asociación Internacional de Estética (IAA) organiza, junto a la Facultad de Arquitectura de la Universidad de Belgrado y la Sociedad de Estética de la Arquitectura y las Artes Visuales de Serbia (DEAVUS), el vigésimo primer Congreso Internacional de Estética. Envío de resúmenes hasta el 15 de noviembre de 2018.

ICA 2019 Belgrade – 21st International Congress of Aesthetics
Possible Worlds of Contemporary Aesthetics:
Aesthetics Between History, Geography and Media

July 22-26, 2019, Belgrade, Serbia

We would like to inform you that the deadline for abstract submission for the ICA 2019 Belgrade – the 21st International Congress of Aesthetics Possible Worlds of Contemporary Aesthetics: Aesthetics Between History, Geography and Media, has been extended.
The deadline is now the November 15th, 2018!
Please contact us for further information or if you have any enquiries.

We are pleased to inform you that it is possible to suggest the round table topic regarding some specific part of the general topic for the 21st International Congress of Aesthetics: Possible Worlds Of Contemporary Aesthetics: Aesthetics Between History, Geography And Media, as well as to recommend its relevant participants. The 21st International Congress of Aesthetics scientific and organizing committe will decide on up to five additional round tables. These round tables are already planned:
RT1 – Possible Worlds Of Contemporary Aesthetics;
RT2 – Feminsm, Gender And Race Politics In Global World;
RT3 – Aesthetics Between History, Geography And Media;
RT4 – Aesthetics Of Architecture;
RT5 – Subversive Aesthetics;
RT6 – Urban and Natural Landscapes;
RT7 – Aesthetics and Technologies.

We would like to invite you to take part and contribute to the content of the Congress.
Conference Contact/

The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, The Society for Aesthetics of Architecture and Visual Arts Serbia (DEAVUS) and International Association for Aesthetics (IAA) are pleased to announce the Call for papers for 21st International Congress of Aesthetics (ICA).

21st ICA Congress will take place July 22-26 2019 at the amphitheatre of The University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. The theme of the Congress is “Possible Worlds of Contemporary Aesthetics: Aesthetics Between History, Geography and Media”.

We would like to invite all researchers and scholars interested in this topic to participate in the Congress with a paper.


Possible Worlds of Contemporary Aesthetics: Aesthetics Between History, Geography and Media


01. Aesthetics between philosophy and the humanities
02. Geopolitical aesthetics and philosophy of culture
03. Condition of contemporary continental-European aesthetics
04. Condition of contemporary Anglo-American aesthetics
05. Condition of contemporary Asian aesthetics
06. Condition of contemporary African aesthetics
07. Condition of contemporary South-American aesthetics
08. History of aesthetics and current revisions: Kant and Hegel today
09. Aesthetics of global and local digital networks
10. Aesthetics of media and post-media practices
11. Relationship of public and private sphere in aesthetics
12. Contemporary aesthetics of music
13. Contemporary aesthetics of visual arts
14. Contemporary aesthetics of cultural and activist practices
15. Philosophy and Aesthetics of Architecture
16. Is there an East European Aesthetics?

The Concept of the Congress/

The Concept of the Congress
Aesthetics is nowadays recognized as an important philosophical, scientific and theoretical discipline in terms of interpreting the complexity of phenomena of the contemporary world. Today it’s rather talked about possible worlds or possible aesthetic regimes rather than of an unique and consistent philosophical, scientific or theoretical discipline. Confrontation of aesthetics with the complexities of the sensory, sentimental, affective, conceptual and discursive phenomena of contemporary world – society, culture, art, technology and politics – is revealed in relation to the history of aesthetics, geographically diverse aesthetic systems and, of course, hybrid technologies of media display, representation and communication of contemporary forms of life.

The Belgrade Congress – 21st ICA : BELGRADE – aims to map out contemporary aesthetics practices in a vivid dialogue of aestheticians, philosophers, art theorists, theorists of architecture, theorists of culture, media theorists, artists, media entrepreneurs, architects, cultural activists and researchers in the fields of humanities and social sciences. More precisely, the goal is to map possible worlds of contemporary aesthetics in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. The idea is to show, interpret and map the unity and diverseness in aesthetic’ thought, expression, research, and teachings on our shared planet. Our goal is to promote dialogue concerning aesthetic in those parts of the world that have not been involved in the work of International Association for Aesthetics to this day. Global dialogue, understanding and cooperation are what we aim to achieve… Miodrag Šuvaković

Scientific Board/

Miško Šuvaković (Serbia)
Vladimir Mako (Serbia)
Aleš Erjavec (Slovenia)
Marina Gržinić (Slovenia)
Tyrus Miller (USA)
Aleksandar Ignjatović (Serbia)
Vladimir Stevanović (Serbia)
Curtis Carter (USA)
Dragan Prole (Serbia)
Vladan Đokić (Serbia)
Gao Jianping (China)
Georgia Apostolopoulou (Greece)
Sanela Nikolić (Serbia)
Andrija Filipović (Serbia)


Organizing Committee/
Nataša Janković (coordinator)
Boško Drobnjak
Vladimir Stevanović
Marko Nikolić
Andrea Raičević

Jelena Ristić-Trajković
Verica Krstić

Conference Contact/

Conference Contact:

Abstract submission/

  • Submitted abstracts should be written in English, no longer than 400 words.
  • It is necessary to indicate the session of the Congress in which the work will be presented, as well as personal academic affiliation and e-mail contact.
  • Submitted abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the Scientific Committee. Decision on acceptance of the abstract will not last more than ten days, from the day of abstract submission.
  • Please use this abstract template for submitting your abstract proposal:

ICA 2019 Belgrade – Abstract template

Paper submission/

  • When you receive the confirmation that your abstract proposal has been accepted, you can send the full paper.
  • Only MS Word documents will be accepted.
  • The preferred font and size is: Times New Roman 11.
  • The number of words should be between 2 500 and 4000.

ICA 2019 Belgrade – Paper template

Paper presentation and publishing/

  • All submitted papers will be presented during the Congress. More information will follow after paper submission.
  • All accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress Proceedings book. All submitted papers will be published digitally on the CD that comes with the book of abstracts.
  • A selection of papers will be published in the Serbian Architectural Journal (

Important dates/

01. Abstract submission due: November 15th, 2018.
02. Early Registration: November 15th, 2018.
03. Paper Submission due: February 28th, 2019.
04. Pre-Registration: March 30th 2019.
05. On-site registration: July 22-26, 2019.

Payment instructions/

Payment instructions in Serbia/
Uprava za Trezor RS
Žiro račun: 840-1436666-34
Poziv na broj: 97 83-752628

Payment instructions outside of Serbia/

Payment transfer information
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ZIP Code: 11000 City: Belgrade Country: Serbia

Payment instruction form
Bank name: Narodna Banka Srbije
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Account Name/Beneficiary: Devizni racun Republike Srbije – RS Arhitektonski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu
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Registration Fees/

NOVEMBER 15TH, 2018.
MARCH 30TH 2019.
JULY 22-26, 2019.
IAA Member _________€200 _________€300 _________€350
IAA Non-member _________€250 _________€350 _________€400
Student and PhD student _________€100 _________€120 _________€140


University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture
The Society for Aesthetics of Architecture and Visual Arts Serbia (DEAVUS) and
International Association for Aesthetics (IAA)